Welcome To My Blog !!! ^_^

Welcome to my world

Hi there. Welcome to my world. *cue dramatic lighting* A bit much? Ok, well welcome to my blog where I’ll be sharing my photography as well as info and musings about my shoots, my life, my business, my inspirations, and a few of my clients and collaborators.

 Welcome To My Blog !!! ^_^

For quite a few years I’ve wanted to start a blog. Late last year, after graduating from university, I finally bit the bullet and started my first ever blog on Tumblr. It was a mobilography blog which at the beginning of this year I turned into a semi-private Gratefulness blog. This month I celebrated my 24th Birthday! *cue confetti!*(Shout out to all Oct borns!) I was feeling particularly inspired to get on with my goals (you know before I get to a quarter life crisis at 25! lol) So now I’m finally creating a public blog for my photography. I’ll still be keeping my portfolio website, amleyaclarkephotography.com. That’ll be my central hub where you can browse through my work, and this blog will be where you can hear the stories behind the pieces. I’ll also be launching my social media soon as well so stay tuned.

Visit amleyaclarkephotography.com
Check out my photography portfolio at amleyaclarkephotography.com
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I’m really excited to be starting this journey into blogging. But this is not a solo journey, I want to hear from all of you who come across my blog. Leave a message and let me know you were here. Did you find anything interesting or inspiring? Leave a comment and share with your friends. Have any ideas or suggestions on improvements I could make, in my writing, content, photography, blog design, random stuff? Drop it in a comment or send it to me directly at amleyaclarkephotograpy@gmail.com. I want to hear from you!
P.S. Some other housekeeping. I’ll be posting about twice a month minimum, maybe more in some months, especially this month. I will personally read all the comments on my blog and social media channels and will reply accordingly. I like to write in a conversational style sometimes. I warn you, there will sometimes be corny jokes. This is my first time blogging so bear with me if I make some layout tweaks over these first couple of weeks.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. This is AWESEOME Amelya!! I love your photos, if you have time we can meet up, I’m really interested in nature and landscape photography, perhaps we can exchange ideas, I’ll def. so you some of my stuff, I’m working on a photoblog for my photos too~~


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